Asus 1016P Mini Laptop 250gb Harddisk 2gb ram 3 hours battery timing

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Asus 1016PMini Laptop 250gb Harddisk 2gb ram 3 hours battery timing

Asus Mini Laptop 250gb Harddisk 2gb ram 3 hours battery timing

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“Asus Mini Laptop”

250gb harddisk

2gb ram ddr3

10.1 inch screen

3 hours plus battery

Best for online classes

A Simple Design Ethos

Designers took on the task of refining the Eee PC’s iconic design, further refining the design to deliver a simpler, thinner, and lighter Eee PC for the corporate world. They succeeded.

The end result—an Eee PC with a squared-off chassis and a tactile brushed Aluminum-like finish. Available in casual black or modern silver, it is the epitome of understated elegance and sophistication and does not look out of place in the world of business suits and fountain pens.

The 1016P features an ergonomic chiclet keyboard and a 10.1” LED-backlit WXVGA screen capable of delivering visuals at resolutions of 1024×600.It also features a touchpad with palm rejection technology to prevent unwelcome cursor movements during typing.

Ultra-portable Performance

The Eee PC™ 1016P is powered by the new Intel® Atom™ N455 processor to deliver an efficient and productive computing performance. Together with the ASUS-exclusive Super Hybrid Engine power management system, the 1016P delivers up to 13 hours* of battery life for all day computing. The 1016P delivers the performance and reliability you need to get ahead in the corporate world.

Hot key for quick presentation set up

Screensaver would be set as off automatically and switch to LCD+CRT Mode directly if your Eee PC has been linked to an external monitor or a projector. Quick enter slide show mode by pressing this button if you’ve selected your PowerPoint file firstly before pressing it

Camera Cover

The 1016P’s built-in webcam has a mindful camera lens cover which could be manually switched off for additional privacy protection.


Syncables Desktop DE keeps your photos, videos, music, documents, bookmarks, emails in sync wherever you check them, no matter which device you use. Even though you are not convenient to use Notebook, you could check the file on Syncables Desktop DE via cell phone or other devices. Moreover, this software supports cross-platform usage such as PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices.


The 1016P features an intuitive automatic file backup system that syncs to your PCs, ensuring that your backed-up data is always up-to-date. It gives you the added security of knowing that you will never lose important files and documents. The system image and recovery tool can be install in CD/ DVD disc or USB flash disk, and you could create your own system recovery media in USB Hard Disk.

High Speed Connectivity

The 1016P’s built-in 0.3MP webcam lets you videoconference with business associates a world away, while Gigabit Ethernet**with up-to 1Gbps transfer rate, Wi-Fi 802.11n and Bluetooth 3.0 ensures that you’re well-connected even when you step out of the office.

* Operation lifetime subject to product model, normal usage conditions and configurations. For more information, please visit here. The estimated maximum battery life in Windows® 7 is measured with MobileMark® 2.
** Availability is dependent on selected model, country or operator support. Check with your local ASUS website for more details.