Magic Glass – LED Water Glass

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The LED Ice Water Glass looks lovely & classy all lit up at receptions, dinner parties. They do not flash or blink until we on it or we want to make it blink. Welcome your guests with Blue LED Water Glasses at your next special event. To activate your LED Water Glass, press the button on the bottom of the base. LED glass glow a constant blue. Never put lighted glass in the dishwasher. Gently hand wash ONLY & keep moisture away from the base to avoid contact with batteries. “Glasses” are made of high quality acrylic that is FDA approved. Its volume is filled to brim. It has 3 replaceable AG13 Batteries. It meant to illuminate your drink and project beautiful patterns, this LED Cup is in a league of its own. The water glasses will be light on when the water in, the light will be off if there is no water.


  • Dimensions: cup diameter 7.3cm, cup bottom diameter 5.5cm, cup height 8.5cm
  • Material: PS new environmentally materials
  • Waterproof
  • Weight: 230g
  • Battery: CR2025
  • Packing: color box packaging
  • Flash mode: water induction
  • Flash color: seven color
  • Product capacity of about 220ml
  • Packing number: 210 pcs/Carton
  • LED keep using time: 20 hours